Year of investment

Academic Work is Sweden’s leading staffing and recruitment business for Young Professionals – students and graduates at the beginning of their careers.

The company was founded in 1998 by Johan Skarborg, Jeremias Andersson and Patrik Mellin, who were students at the time. They realized that students looking for extra work and companies seeking part-time staff could benefit from being brought together. Today, the company has annual sales of approximately SEK 2 billion and mediate more than 17,000 jobs annually. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and operates in six markets: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland.

Academic Works’ ambition is to maintain its leading position in Sweden and to continue on its international growth journey. We’ve set our sights on becoming the largest in the world in staffing and recruitment of young professionals. Having Novax as a partner means that we have a strong, long-term partner that provides the company with important strategic expertise.

− Johan Skarborg, founder and CEO of Academic Work

In short

  • Year of investment: 2015

  • Ownership: Minority

  • Turnover: 2 100 M SEK

  • Employees: ca 100

  • Investment Manager: Eric Persson

  • CEO: Johan Skarborg

  • Website: www.academicwork.com