An active, long-term owner and company builder

Novax is a long-term and active partner for growth companies and an ecosystem for people and organisations to grow in. By investing in small and medium-sized companies and supporting and developing them, we build successful enterprises and contribute to Axel Johnson’s future.
About Novax

Novax is an ecosystem in which companies and people grow. 

We are the natural choice for companies that want support with taking the next step in their development. We invest in both early and later phases, focusing primarily on carefully selected sectors rather than size and stage of development. With our extensive industry knowledge combined with growth focus and high activity level, we support leading teams and companies with intentions to grow and to become large and successful. Novax companies constitute an active and powerful ecosystem where we share experiences, learn from each other and solve challenges together.

Our long-term approach permits us to see potential beyond traditional business plans and planning horizons and to seize and act on exciting opportunities that require perseverance and a long-term commitment..

We only invest in companies and industries that we believe can create a better future. The idea is that, when we succeed, we are involved in creating a better world. Together with strong companies, we can create a more sustainable society. 

A sector focus

The best partner for companies and teams in the sectors on which we focus

We attach great importance to continuously enhancing our industry and sector knowledge. We do this by working with our existing companies, but also through sector research and analysis. We aim to be the most knowledgeable investor and the best sounding board for companies in the sectors on which we focus.

We invest in both early and late growth phases. We consider the team, company and potential more important than size and stage of development.

Health and wellness

With our focus on health and wellness, we contribute to a healthier society and a better quality of life for the individual. 

Technical security

By investing in unique, smart and integrated infrastructure, we can spur the development of several strong trends in the society.

Food value chain and food of the future

At Novax we regard the food of the future as climate-smart food that promote health.

Digital retail infrastructure

Business is continuously evolving. We want to support companies with the potential to become key components in the evolving business infrastructure.

More about Novax

SEK 13.5

billion in portfolio companies revenues.


Portfolio companies


Employees in portfolio companies


Main sectors

Our ecosystem

We help accelerate development and elevate the capacity in companies through hands-on support, access to cutting-edge expertise and exchange knowledge and experience.

Novax is an active company builder that provides advice, knowledge and practical help when and where it is needed. We believe in entrepreneurial power and freedom, but also in the power of sharing experiences and learning from each other. For this reason we work in a structured way with practical support and experience exchanges in a number of different formats to boost the development of both companies and individuals. Everything from hands-on support in individual projects and analyses to more and less formal networks and function teams, workshops, training programmes and seminars.

Novax and the entire Axel Johnson group have an enormous amount of experience and a wealth of cutting-edge expertise that can benefit our companies.

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