Rapidly growing OneLab is investing heavily in healthier workplaces – raises 40 million from Novax. 

Mar 30, 2023

The challenger in corporate health, OneLab, raises new capital to further accelerate the development of its platform for preventive occupational health care. The round is led by the largest owner Novax, Axel Johnson’s growth investment company. 
Following a year of strong results and 127% growth, OneLab is now aiming to increase the pace even further by raising 40 million SEK. The funds will be used to develop the company’s offering in preventive health care. 

David Strömbeck, CEO and co-founder OneLab

We are the new health service for companies that want to invest in their employees while also getting more done and becoming more attractive. We know that preventive health is the key to healthy and successful workplaces, and that’s why it feels exciting to further invest in the development of our offering and to offer our services to even more companies”, says David Strömbeck, CEO and co-founder of OneLab. 

Today, more than 350 employers with a total of about 60,000 employees in 16 countries use OneLab to promote healthier employees. OneLab’s focus on simplicity, speed and prevention has shown to have very positive effects on employees mental health, enabling OneLab to successfully challenge traditional occupational healthcare. In a cohort study of 327 employees with access to OneLab, a 63% reduction in mental health issues measured as anxiety and worry (GAD-7) was observed over two years. 
Employers using OneLab’s platform for occupational healthcare allow their employees to undergo proactive screening on both mental and physical health. Those at risk of illness are then offered counseling, therapy, self-care programs, and continued navigation through the health care system. At the same time, management and HR departments receive a digital decision-making support with aggregated health data and features for management support to develop the workplace.  

Novax who is leading the round, has a goal within the Health & Wellness sector to help companied prevent illness and streamline healthcare. They first invested in OneLab in 2021.  

Josef Bexell, Sector Manager Health & Wellness

At Novax, we see rising health issues as a major societal problem that must be addressed from several perspectives. The employer has a clear role, and we want to give them the right tools to help their employees. We are convinced that OneLab represents the future of occupational healthcare, where preventive and digital care will represent a larger part. It helps companies save time and money whilst putting employee’s health in focus. We are happy and proud to be a part of OneLab’s journey going forward”, Josef Bexell Sector Manager Health & Wellness at Novax.  

OneLab was founded in 2014 and is today one of the leading companies in preventive occupational health care. OneLab offers a modern health platform that helps companies map and improve employees’ health and identify and remedy any work environment risks. In Sweden, the company is based in Stockholm but also operates in several other European cities. www.onelab.se 

Novax is Axel Johnson’s investment company and is a long-term and active partner for growth companies. By investing in, supporting, and developing small and medium-sized companies, they build successful companies and future legs for Axel Johnson. Novax works with three focus sectors: Health & Wellness, Technical Safety and Food of the Future. Novax’s investments include, among others, ApoEx, Apohem, Aqua Dental, Bruce, Datema, Filippa K, Matsmart, Muntra, Personalkollen, Prolupin, RCO, STC and Voyado. www.novax.se 

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